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Who We Are
Wichita Chinese Association (WCA) is a nonprofit organization established in 1995. Currently, WCA has members who mainly come from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries or areas. WCA is supported and funded by member donations, membership dues, local community sponsorships, and corporation funds.

Our Mission
The objectives of WCA are:
• To promote the values of traditional Chinese culture;
• To foster closer relationship among members, and with the local community;
• To enrich the cultural and social life of the members and local community;
• To introduce and promulgate Chinese culture and arts.

Our Activities
In the last 10 years, WCA has been working closely with local communities to provide the following regular programs:
• Celebration of Chinese traditional holidays, such as Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Mid- Autumn Festival
• Organizing and coordinating picnics
• The Chinese Language School
• Donation drive for nurturing outstanding achievements and special talent of Chinese Americans
• Culture exchange




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